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Used clothing wholesale offers wholesale used clothing , Grade a clothing.

CALL US AT MIAMI : 001 -786-325-2952

Used clothing wholesale blog is property of Wholesale Global Trade located in Miami , florida

We export wholesale products, usually second-hand products, we have 5 years with a portfolio of satisfied customers with our products, we are established leaders in the industry and our mission is to give you a quality product, our main line of work : used clothing wholesale ,wholesale used clothing , used clothing online, used clothing liquidation and used summer clothing

Used clothing company - credential clothing

We have the best price on the credential clothing, get this product out of Florida where is the best credential clothing throughout the United States, the export of states that have more than 20 years this product, this clothing comes directly from the donor, to this product not removed anything. Some traders prefer other countries Credential Clothing suppose maybe that comes into this excellent quality clothing as well as shoes, belts, wallets and other accessories, this clothing as mentioned brings everything summer, winter, new, used , everything can come what you like and maybe what not, this product is ideal for its classification in their own country

Mix rags clothing - used summer clothing;

The Mix rags the clothes many traders imported into their country and then separate it graded in your country, this product brings a mix of everything,  winter clothing, summer clothing, clothing quality # 1, # 2 quality clothing, clothes quality # 3, torn clothes, dirty clothes, ie brings all, we do not touch this product we sell comes as no guarantee with what comes out in his classification, is ideal for industry traders want cheaper cost, classifying the product in their own country and not in the United States

Used premium clothing -AAA , AA , A clothing

We offer clothing fully graded and classified in our warehouse, these clothes are quality A, AA, AAA clothing , these clothes can go 3 ways, mixed adult clothing, children's clothing and household linen mixed, these clothes takes to be processed 15 days a minimum order of 10 bales of clothing 100 pounds .

These bales of 100 pounds may contain up to 190 pieces if an adult, but if children can bring up to 300 pieces

Grade a clothing -grade a used clothing ,used clothing grade a
Our company since its inception has been dedicated to export clothing grade a for the entire African continent, is a very coveted in Africa for its price and product quality, our used clothing grade a, is a fully usable clothing, the same contains no tears, stains, holes, etc. descocidos. This product is the flagship product from us, is the biggest seller for price. Come to our warehouse and see for yourself the quality of our clothing grade a
Note : This clothing grade A can be embaled in Big bundle of 1,000 pounds or 100 pounds

Please visit our official websites for more details of our products

Phone : 001 -786-325-2952
Located in Miami ,Florida -United States



  1. This company is prestigious , we visit it in Miami , all was fine , product and professionalism

  2. How much you guys sale Grade A bale?

  3. How much you charge for a grade A bales

  4. High Class grade A is $0.80 cents per pound ,thanks ,special


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